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Australia is not governed by a Cosmetology Law that protects consumers when having Eyelash Extensions applied or their brows shaped.

Currently, there are countless companies that are selling mislabeled and harmful eyelash extension adhesives to their customers. It’s important that you know the truth of what you’re using with your eyelash extensions, before it’s too late and you have damaging effects.

If you are considering eyelash extensions, you need to do your research. It’s important to know the company that is wholesaling the product, but also the seller who is providing the product and service to you. Don’t get distracted by shiny packaging and pretty labels. The packaging is designed to make you buy the shiny object without consideration for it’s ingredients.

We set the standard in quality and deliver products that exceed expectations.

Safety is at the forefront of LashX by Advanced Technology Beauty Group


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LashXcel is our ‘classic’ range and beginner eyelash extension application course into LashX. We use our innovative lash technology and not the old heavy round base, classic, stiff eyelash extensions. LashXcel eyelash extensions have the weight of a volume lash meaning they’re very light and maintain the health of the clients natural lash. When using our Lux Lash Arm, a set of LashXcel classic lashes can be applied in a shorter amount of time. The medical grade adhesive has a medium viscosity, which makes it perfect for beginners and lash professionals. LashXcel beginner Masterclasses run nationally and include the bonus kit shown. Luxury lash products, priced affordably.





The market is inundated with products that remove hair but none that can put them back. BrowXtend’s 3 Step Kit will actually correct any over-plucked or sparse areas. Unlike tattooing or micro-blading, which can be very 1 dimensional, BrowXtend’s individual eyebrow extensions build the eyebrow up in minutes. 1-5 eyebrow hairs can fill in sparse areas quickly. Unlike eyelash extensions, the hair doesn’t need isolating and the medical grade adhesive is safe to be applied to the skin. Women love that BrowXtend is fully removable and can be infilled when the eyebrow extensions fall out. The secret to longer, lasting brows is BrowXtend’s pH balancing base which acts as a barrier between the skin and our uniquely formulated adhesive, shielding out natural oils which can break down the bond in the application.


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Grade Adhesive

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Lisa Howson, after being continually disappointed with the inconsistency of lash products while working in her cosmetic/lash store, she set about developing a range which was both high-quality and safe. Now she’s leading the way and finding most lash companies are starting to follow her path. Lisa has built product ranges for lash brands who mimic her approach to safety.

The single mother of two and Qualified Product Developer, spent months researching eyelash extension products available around the world and was amazed at the lack of regulation and standards in the Australian market. “A lot of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are masked with low levels of good quality ingredients to appear safer.”There’s no standard or regard for the products that are being sold in the market,” she explains. Lash products imported from Asia by other lash companies in Australia, are being claimed as “vegan” and “animal cruelty free” when mandatory animal testing laws are enforced. Companies are telling you their products are from Germany or Europe when their packaging clearly displays their products are from China. Our labs are very specific on the bottles we are able to fill our products with, you will see elaborate bottles that would not hold the stability of our ingredients.

It was a brave move to create her own standard, developing a European range in an industry flooded with cheap imports, but it has paid dividends with Lisa launching Advanced Technology Beauty Group, and it’s products that fall under the LashX umbrella.


We private label our adhesives for many lash companies and distributors. Ensuring Premium quality, EU Approved and Salon Safe every time.

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